Lila Tristram is a musician and writer based in London.

She is a graduate of Goldsmiths University, one of the leading universities for the Arts in the UK.

Over the course of 2020 she released her debut EP, Our Friends pt. I, followed by its sister EP Our Friends pt. II. Characterised by melancholic fingerpicking, warm and intimate vocal harmonies, a weaving of bucolic British landscapes, Nordic influences and lunar overtones, the songs which define Lila Tristram's emergence are a journey to the depths of human longing and belonging. 

Since the turn of the decade, Lila has received acclaim from some of Britain’s top industry professionals, including support from Pete Paphides, Stephen Street, Charlie Ashcroft, and several members of the BBC community.

In the summer of 2019 she met The Last Dinosaur's Jamie Cameron, who was an audience member at one of her gigs. They have since become close musical collaborators, and have performed at residencies both internationally and within the UK. During the spring lockdown of 2020, she joined Cameron in Isolation for Beginners; a group of musicians put together to give purpose to the long days of lockdown. From this emerged a collaboration with the Texan singer-songwriter Austin Basham.

Our Friends pts. I and II were released on vinyl via wiaiwya on 2nd October 2020. 

The Japanese special edition CD, including the bonus track Caravan, was released on 25th December 2020 via Lirico RecordsInpartmaint Inc.

 Praise for Our Friends 

"[Our Friends] is such a gorgeous record." - Pete Paphides, Soho Radio, The Guardian, Q Magazine


"You’ll feel like stopping the world ... [Our Friends] is the sound of cold, quiet, early mornings." - No More Workhorse


"I love it! Have ordered myself a copy." - Stephen Street, Producer [The Smiths, Blur, Babyshambles]

"Freeing herself from easy comparisons ... collected and dense with human warmth, revealing a personality so strong that it manages to be striking, even in it's seemingly unadorned form." - Music Won't Save You

“I love what Lila Tristram is doing.” - Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio