Welcome (intro to the voice in my head)

I've been talking about starting a blog for months, and after some self conscious deliberation, have finally decided to go for it. So welcome to my blog! That probably no one will ever read! But you're reading it, and I'm writing it, so welcome.

In my mind lives an extremely creative, stylish, confident, intelligent and popular young woman who does things like wakes up early and drinks black coffee and knows exactly which clothes suit her. She has a thriving online presence and finds it easy to connect and resonate with just about everyone, regardless of whether she's meeting them at a party or via the blog comments in a diy-arts-culture subsection of the internet. She is very relaxed, happy and somehow seems to be quite wealthy (...although I'm yet to discover how she makes any income...)

Unfortunately I don't actually posses these characteristics. But nonetheless there she is, living inside my head, and generally providing me with a firm yet loving filter for most of the things I say to strangers and put up online.

She finds me frustrating, but by some golden sliver of hope, we keep the relationship going. So while there's a whole plethora of interesting, captivating and inspiring blog posts I could and probably should be making, in reality this will most likely be a very random and slightly chaotic mood board of my thoughts, ideas, dreams, stories, poems, conversations and frustrations.

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