Mother & Daughterhood (& Sex and the City)

Those of you who are familiar with the record I released back in October will already know that the theme of motherhood / daughterhood is something that often crops up in my art. Something about the universalness of this bond is something that I feel immensely compelled by.

Over the last few months I developed a mild-moderate (ok admittedly, it was pretty bad) obsession with Sex and the City.. something that even I was quite taken aback by, since I have spent so much time hidden in feminist literature, trying my best to avoid shallow, male-orientated visions of "sexy" and of what a woman should be. But nonetheless, something about the show hit a profound chord in me, and I quickly found myself becoming very involved in the lives, loves and friendships of these four women.

When I had finished the last episode, I needed something to fill the gap. So I turned to Caroline O'Donoghue's 'Sentimental and the City' podcast with Dolly Alderton. The generally fun, romance-orientated podcast took an extremely real and deep turn when they got to talking about season 4.

During this season, Miranda accidentally becomes pregnant, which insights a huge reaction from Charlotte, who finds that she's infertile and her lifelong dream of having children is thwarted. Listening to the two (non-fictional) women discussing this episode, touching on the real experiences they've had of the feelings and pressures surrounding having children, really brought back to my attention what an extremely profound and rarely discussed topic it is. Both of the podcast hosts (and me included - all three of us) cried. And yet it seems to be veiled in modern media - at least I can't think of many examples of women on screen going into this subject in such an honest and meaningful way. Why is it that so much time is taken to encourage women out of getting pregnant, and hardly any time given to representing and appreciating motherhood? Or at the very least representing and appreciating what (whether we do it or not) an enormous deal it is in women's lives?

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